When it comes to keeping your four-legged best friend happy and healthy, the most important component is quality wellness care. Because companion animals age at a much faster rate than us, it’s critical that they are examined and monitored on a regular basis to ensure that they remain healthy and that any potential medical concerns that may exist be identified and addressed right away. Early detection of illness and disease can vastly improve the length and quality of your fur baby’s life.

Bridgeway Animal Clinic offers comprehensive wellness care services that have been specifically designed to both determine exactly where our patients are today regarding their current health profile, and to address their changing needs that will inevitably occur over time. Whether it’s your puppy’s first round of vaccinations or the specialized care required to keep your senior pet active and healthy, our wellness services will provide everything necessary to help your companion enjoy a long, happy and healthy life.

At Bridgeway Animal Clinic we recommend that you bring your fur baby in for a wellness visit twice per year. These visits allow us to gather a full and accurate image of your fur baby’s overall health and then use that information to measure his or her ongoing wellness over time. We’ll conduct a thorough physical exam of your fur baby, checking for any abnormalities or inconsistencies as we go. Our doctors will ask you a number of questions to gain a clearer picture of your fur baby’s lifestyle so that we can provide the most personalized and effective care possible.

Wellness visits also include vaccination plans. Vaccines protect companion animals from a wide range of dangerous and sometimes deadly diseases, but not every vaccine is necessary for every animal. During our comprehensive health assessment of your fur baby, we’ll determine precisely what your companion’s risk factors are so that we can develop and implement the perfect vaccination plan to keep them safe and healthy.

Wellness blood-work is also highly recommended, especially for those fur babies that are seven years of age and older. This bloodwork includes a Complete Blood Count (CBC), Complete Chemistry Profile Panel, and urinalysis for all pets, as well as a Thyroid Panel for pets older than seven years. We also highly encourage intestinal parasite fecal screenings twice a year for dogs and cats, as well as radiographs and single- or double-cavity ultrasound.

Finally, wellness visits provide our doctors and care team the chance to get to know you and your fur baby better. We believe that the lifelong relationships we form with our clients and our patients are what sets us apart and allows us to provide the best veterinary care available. We encourage you to use the time allotted during routine visits to ask any questions or bring up any concerns that you may have about your fur baby so that we may discuss them further.

Our goal is to become your trusted partner in all of your fur baby care needs, and we believe that a commitment to wellness care provides the sound basis for that partnership. Together we’ll work hard to help your four-legged best friend enjoy a lifetime of good health.