Bridgeway Animal Clinic Offers Flea & Tick Prevention

Flea and tick problems are a fact of life for pets. These pests can cause extreme discomfort and can even carry disease. Fortunately, many products are available to prevent flea and tick problems and their consequences. At Bridgeway Animal Clinic in Montgomery, TX, we offer a variety flea & tick prevention methods to protect pets from these pests.

Signs of Fleas on Your Pet
Fleas are tiny reddish-brown or black insects that can infest your pet, as well as your upholstery and bedding. Your pet may scratch incessantly or you may find bits of flea “dirt” left behind on your pet’s skin and bedding. Fleas can multiply quickly and can mean many weeks of annoying pests in your home until you remove them completely. Your veterinarian in Montgomery can offer treatment of your pet and advice for removing fleas from your home.

Finding a Tick on Your Pet
You may find a tick on your pet after a walk in the woods or even a walk in your neighborhood. These pests lie in wait in grass and shrubs and find their way onto your pet to feed on blood. Ticks can carry diseases, such as Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and babesiosis. Ticks must be carefully removed by either you or a trusted vet.

Options for Flea and Tick Prevention
Many types of flea & tick prevention products are available. Sprays, powders, and collars have been available for many years. Monthly spot-on treatments offer protection in an easy to apply form. Some of these will also repel mosquitoes that can transmit heartworms to your pet. Oral and injectable flea & tick products are also available. Your Montgomery veterinarian can advise you on the best flea & tick prevention product for your pet’s needs.

Protecting Your Pet from Fleas & Ticks
You can help reduce the risk for flea and tick problems by keeping the grass around your home short, by checking your pet’s coat after every trip to the woods and by using preventative products on a regular basis. If you have multiple pets in your home, ensure that all are treated with flea and tick prevention products.

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