Veterinary Assistant

Maria was born and raised in Snow Hill, North Carolina. Her father worked at a hog farm and started taking her with him when she was four years old. It was this event that helped eventually bring her into the veterinary industry. “Growing around chickens, goats, horses, dogs, cats, and ducks made me more curious about how animals lived and saw a veterinarian come and visit every once in a while made me start thinking about that as a career.” When she was eight, she helped a mama goat give birth and even had to assist with positioning the baby for an easier birth! “That was the day I decided to go into the veterinary field.”

Maria went to school at the Vet Tech Institute of Houston and completed her schooling online to earn her Associate’s degree. Her passion is being in the lab!

Maria’s passion are her sons, Alonso and Isaac. She loves working with animals, but her favorite is farm animals as that’s what she grew up with!



Meet our kennel tech assistant, Hannah! She is originally from Cleveland, TX and found her way to the Conroe area! She has always had an interest in animals and even played doctor with her childhood dog, Lily.

She first took a veterinary medical app. her junior year of high school and she’s now enjoying the veterinary field and the TVMA program!


Veterinary Assistant and Kennel Tech Assistant

Justus was born in Amarillo and lived there until moving to Houston in the 5th grade. Justus has always loved animals but decided to join the veterinary field after the family dog, Lilly, was attacked by a mountain lion or cougar. Watching the vet help Lilly recover from her injuries made Justus so happy and led to the inspiration to become a vet. This event has made Justus want to help other animals and be their voice.
As a kennel technician, Justus enjoys helping the doctor and assistants as well as feeding the animals. Justus is still in school and lives with parents, a brother, and a sister, as well as a cat named Zelda. Zelda is the nicest and clingiest cat you’ll ever meet!
Outside of working at Western Hills, Justus enjoys hunting, fishing, and watching baseball. A few years back, Justus caught a 6-foot-long water moccasin!