At Lake Conroe Veterinarians: Bridgeway Animal Clinic, we are always looking for passionate and professional team members. Our goal is to treat our patients like they were part of our own family with love and respect. We are partners with the pet parents and determine the best course of treatment for each individual family. When pets come through our doors we make sure that we make their visit as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. A beloved pet’s health and happiness are our daily motivation. We are all animal lovers!

Lake Conroe Veterinarians have three locations: two in Montgomery and one in Willis. Each location is a full-service hospital complete with radiography, blood analysis capabilities, surgeries, hospitalization ward with fluid monitoring, dental equipment, boarding, and exam rooms. We also offer grooming.

As a result of the services offered, we need a wide variety of capabilities to help run each hospital. From receptionist to technician, to kennel worker, we work together as a cohesive team to help other team member’s complete tasks. Most of our employees are cross-trained in all three areas. Don’t worry if you are not comfortable with all three duties, we are always happy to teach eager employees a new task.

Our three locations are within driving distance from each other. As a result, each team member must be able to rotate to each location. While we like to have similar team members present for continuity with clients, situations arise that dictate the need to have other team members from the other two locations to fill in as needed.